Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It sweeps over. He blames the music, sometimes. But really, it can’t be the fault of the music for there must be some deeper reasons. Just like how one seeks deeper purposes, deeper meaning to one’s vocation.

It is so nice to find something he enjoys. Yet niggling doubts come and go, when there is a pause in the momentum. No time to think is the best escapism from the realities beguiling the soul of a person. Nothing like the breakneck speed, demanding intellectually and in determination, required in his daily acts to bring forth some semblance of order, and peace.

For now Mattinatta plays, booming, strong voice as he floats through another evening of chosen ignorance. Yet, it disturbs. Like a pin stuck in on his fleshy arse. Restless.

He ought to skip a track to Canon in D.


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