Sunday, November 11, 2007

Deal Breakers 1

So, 2 conditions:
1. How they manage the change in power structure: I expect nothing less than absolute professionalism and absolutely no insane paranoia and lack of focus.
2. How they manage the change this coming January/February: I expect progression and affirmation of the fast-track, in action, not in words.

These 2 are deal-breakers. Yes, call it what you want, ego or whatever. I would have waited patiently in the wings, learning and supporting someone but that someone important is leaving, leaving a void which I doubt anyone can fill. So I refuse to work with anyone I see as a lesser mortal. Oh you know who they are. So don't piss me off.


At November 12, 2007 9:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

absolute professionalism? progression and affirmation? hoo hoo hoo. my gut feeling tells me that you are going to be more than a tad disappointed. *smirks*


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