Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Digging up old tunes from the past. Mellow down the pace so that I can actually start being productive in the academic sense. The past few weeks have been hectic but that's what I need. A jump-start to the year which was at risk of being hijacked by inertia. Will be trying to juggle exam preparations and a spike in workload. Was supposed to be on leave for 4 days from last week but so far managed on 1 day. Sort of destroys the momentum but I guess I have to be hungrier and go all out.

Damien Rice's Amie, Cannonball and Blower's Daughter (by far my favourite of the 3) can bring one down straight to the gutter. But I noticed the effect is blunt now. Immunity? Or just too damn busy to care?

Urgh, my back is acting up. Better get back to my books and sleep early. Crazy 2 days at work awaits.


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