Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Back Alive

If you plan to take your GMAT, do get Kaplan's books. They even have online tutorials. And if you have time, get the book with CD, lots of questions to practice. The CD provided by GMAC is not that useful. Why do I say Kaplan is good? I spent a bit of time going through (2 days to be exact) the book I bought (without the CD. I don't have the time for it) and I came out with better results. I can say the book clarified some doubts I had and is better than my previous references in helping me spot my weaknesses. The questions too are a lot closer to the actual GMAT questions. Well, just sharing my experience. Just imagine if you have more time with the book plus the CD. And there's even an advanced book (which looks like a money making scheme :P). Anyway, I'm glad to report I reached the level required for my GMAT score today. At last.

Back to work tomorrow. It's going to be a crazy 2 days this time. Lots to do. And I have a graduate application which must be completed latest tomorrow night. I better get going. Good night!


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