Saturday, February 19, 2005

Recollection 4 : Reluctant Heartbreaker

In the south, in a house on the plains newly flattened, not too long ago. In the darkness we spoke. Of hopes. Of dreams. Of pain. Of joy. Of whys and why nots.

We can be on IM, and on the phone chatting away. And within minutes of that, I would be at her doorstep, greeting her and we go out for more. The hours didn’t matter.

She was my best friend. And I was hers.

The silliness. The acceptance. The loyalty. The belief. And the love. Trust love to complicate things.

I broke her heart. How are you now? It has been years.

With an email ‘Hey, how have you been?’ we are back. But really, it will never be the same.


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