Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Post-VDay Post

:P This is a re-post, since love is (not) in the air. Ok, ok, I admit I’m lazy.

Thomas (Violet in disguise) : Tell me how you love her Will?
William Shakespeare : Like a sickness and its cure together
Thomas (Violet in disguise) : Yes, like rain and sun, like cold and heat

from the movie Shakespeare In Love

The enigma of romantic love, a dash of lust. Lust not necessarily of physical desire. But rather a desire to be. To be loved and to love. Lust for life, together. Like the strings of a symphony making songs that tells a story. Our story.

Yes, that story. That story that emanates through the chaos and desoleteness of human existence. The story that gives hope, for you and me. For all of us. That there exist such devotion, such possibilities. Possibilties of two minds meeting, equals colliding....creating a storm of passion and reason. When the hearts can see. And meet. And when my heart skips a beat with any reminder of she. When the two souls exposed, naked in embrace. So pure, so clear. One.

We seek that oneness with someone. The person whom we share our whole being, through thick and thin. The person we place trust on to be a keeper of our affection, and loyalty. Two complete souls coming together, forming a circle. Making waves in their lives, pushing forward. Growing as a team. Being there for each other. Caring and supporting. Where lovemaking is not of greed or animalistic instincts but of mutual discovery, an affirmation of the mental, emotional and spritual connection. The tenderness. Without a care, only the two of us. A bond so strong, it stands the test of time.

Two hot cups of coffee in the mist of dawn. A walk in the park. A book shared in the comfort of our domain. Hands holding firmly. A touch of your lips. A bond of comfort. And fulfilment. The simplicity.

Idealist, am I? But I refuse to budge.


At April 03, 2005 10:59 pm, Blogger wilderness said...

i refuse to budge too. its been a long wait.

At April 03, 2005 10:59 pm, Blogger wilderness said...

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