Sunday, February 13, 2005

Silly Little Voice In My Head

There is a reason I cannot yet fathom, on why you stepped into this existence. I know not whether to be grateful or to worry for my sanity. I do not know if this is transient or forever-lasting. Life was simpler really, but admittedly less joyous .I know this joy can crumble into nothingness. I still cannot imagine what role you play. But I do wish it is a leading role. Yet my intuition tells me misery and pain will come my way. That is what happens when it is only wishful thinking. All I see are doors shut close, I wonder what's behind those gates. Can you tell me to stop wishing and perhaps take action? I guess not, because it is by far only wishful thinking. Sometimes I know things ahead of time, bad or good. And this time I can see very clearly that if the door is open, I will be proven right. But there is no opportunity, chances I cannot take. Sharp cuts, not deep but papercut-like is what I get when I'm with you for I know it won't happen. Tell me it would. Tell me otherwise. There is nothing really for me to hold on to. Because no branches have been offered. It has only been wishful thinking. Yet it is so clear to me. Very dim to you. Perhaps you are looking the wrong way. Perhaps because I never showed myself. I am but a shadow of my existence. A mere fragment of the whole self, left behind in the dark corners, trying to reestablish an order in the midst of personal chaos. Do you understand?


At February 13, 2005 10:53 pm, Anonymous mwt said...

This is the life you are facing and living. You make your own reality - wherever you go.

"My Life is Mine, and I Form It"

Tell yourself this often. Create your own life with your beliefs as an artist uses colour.

You are given the gift of the gods and there are no limitations to the self except to those you believe in.

Do not place the words of gurus, ministers, priest, doctors, psychiatrists, scientists or even FRIENDS higher than the feelings of your own being for self-understanding and growth and answers to overall life situations.

Trust yourself more often, otherwise you will forever be looking to others to prove your own merit to you and asking others what to do.

Speak your name with affirmation each morning and your rightness in the universe. You create your life through the inner power of your being (whose source is within you and yet beyond the selves that you know)

Use your creative abilities with understanding abandon, honour yourself and move through the godliness of your being.

Trust no person who tells you that you are evil or guilty by reason of your nature or your physical existence.

Trust no one who leads you away from the reality of yourself.

Do not follow those who tell you that you must do penance, in whatever form.

Trust instead the spontaneity of your own being and the life that is your own.

If you do not like where you are, then examine closely those beliefs that you have. Bring them out in the open. There is nothing within yourself to fear.


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