Sunday, May 22, 2005


It's approximately 34 hours from my first paper. And less than 4 days before it ends, for now. I am suprisingly calm although I'm not that well-prepared. Will remain calm and handle this not unfamiliar situation of professional exams. Except that this is the final level.

After the exams, much excitement beckons. Many decisions to make. Much uncertainty awaits to be waded through. Hopefully all will be clearer within a month. Hopefully the grants or scholarships will roll in, and I'll be off chasing my dreams. Oh no worries, I won't forget the shared dreams. Know that we will accomplish the shared dreams in due course. Actually, you never told me what your dreams are, what your to do list is like. I want to know. It seems unfair now that you only hear mine and prod me on, while yours we seem to hold is abeyance. So tell me please?

For now, I shall revel in the new found calmness I have found. For once, I am at peace. It has been a while. And I find myself smiling more easily. I have been trying to take things in stride, I guess with enough practice over the recent year, it has become easier to deal with perceived stumbling blocks. And it helps to have people who are supportive, who believe. It help to have great friends. It helps to have you as a friend.

Off to bed now. Good night world! Good night to you ;)


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