Friday, July 14, 2006

The Tube and I

Oh I just love the tube. It stopped at least 3 times on the way to dinner. Was supposed to reach my destination by 7.00 p.m., ended up reaching after 8 p.m.. Spent nearly 2 hours on the train for a simple 40 minutes journey normally. Thank goodness I was smart enough to switch lines/trains midway through the journey. It was steaming hot too in the train.

Apparently, a train in front of us had difficulties and couldn't move. Once, it was a dog running onto the tracks. Funny dog. Very funny. Other times, it's signal failures and faulty trains. As extensive as the Underground network is in London, reliability needs to be improved. I've had delays for a number of times and always hear news of sever delays on other lines.

And it has to happen when I have plans, like dinner plans or when I have planned to go sightseeing somewhere. For example, my plans to visit the British Museum was thwarted when suddenly, without warning, both lines which service my station had problems. And then when I took the bus, it was stuck near Hyde Park due to a massive traffic jam. I ended up going to the Potrait Gallery instead, at least I could be flexible (yes, I need a whole day in the museum, which is why losing precious 2-3 hours would dampen my plans there).

Well, at least I made it to dinner. Which was good by the way. Magic Wok in Bayswater. Yes, forget the overcrowded, tourist-trap Four Seasons.

Oh my, I so need to clean my room.

And I am very thankful that I am busy at work these few days. Gosh, it's such a relief to be productive.


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