Wednesday, August 02, 2006


There is a side of me which I have not revealed for a long while. Well, not since early last year. The serious, please do not mess with me, please get your facts right, please do not lie, please just do your job attitude; which also brings about words with double meanings, polite and professional, yet subtly telling the whole world about the inadequacies and inaccuracies of claims and reasoning made by others.

Ah yes, will the real Resurrected please stand up!

Shared this with a friend over dinner yesterday. She found it strange how I have this different ‘personalities’. In school, I am laidback, quiet and pretty much relaxed (she met me in school). Maybe aloof sometimes, but generally friendly.

It’s a bit frightening to remember what can happen when I am aggressive. Not very nice. But then again, it’s the aggression where the drive comes from. Now that I am having my pseudo vacation (school and internship), I don't really want to return to the corporate persona.

For now, I’ll just return to being the nice intern. :P


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