Friday, August 31, 2007


The clock inched towards midnight as the two cars raced down the dark parking area, 11 levels,turning right and right. 50 years. Young one may say. A minute away the radio announcer said. Gemilang Malaysia.

People by the street,waving flags. Do they feel? Fireworks off the ground. A long day, another day of battles.

I came home after much debate, fulfilling the duty which I said I would 3 years ago. To return home to serve. Yes, I am serving, all 70-80 hours a week of my life.

But would it pay off? Would home turn out for the better?

I don't know.

On the 50th anniversary, I felt a dreadful tinge of melancholy. Of the innocence lost. Of the things we can do better. Of things we shouldn't have done. Of lost trust. Of hope. And fear of disappointment

Of unrequited love. My home country and I.


At August 31, 2007 2:23 am, Blogger angel said...

My dear young man... I can't help but to ask, why do you always sound so sad? Sigh...

I always say, No Regrets... hope you'll do/feel the same too, somehow... It's really very liberating to be able to say those two words and mean it :)

You are a smart man... you know what I mean ;)

Happy Hols!


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