Monday, July 19, 2004

Monday ramblings

It is Monday and murderous thoughts are running through my head.

I despise this particular person. Rude, bossy and thinks he is the greatest corporate high flyer around. Thinks nothing of using other people to get his way. And absolutely lazy and irresponsible. Only interested to
score points with the bosses. I have no respect for him. To me he is only an inarticulate man who speaks poor English but pretends he is the best and he giggles like those insecure teenage boy, whom I believe he is at a
level below that when it comes to his emotional intelligence. The type of idiots I have to face daily, a wannabe with no substance and no class.  Cocky bastard. Insecure weakling. Heartless pain in the neck. I will
destroy you one day!!!!!!

And this woman who is absolutely lazy as well, only interested to pass the buck and chat on the phone endlessly and pretend to be busy afterhours to look impressive. Inarticulate as well. But at least she is not cocky like that arsehole. An avid churchgoer apparently. But isn't work a vocation to God? So why being so unprofessional? I have no intellectual nor professional respect for her.

Urgh! I can kill these people.

Why can't people just be good and work hard and be professional at work? I know, I know I sound bloody naive when I said that. Can't blame me for hoping.

I shall fight. And I shall be the winner. :P


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