Tuesday, May 31, 2005


The scale towards Plan B is increasing a bit after 2 activities with the people. It has been enriching. Yes, that's what I wanted to share but I didn't. And the pack from Plan A still hasn't arrived for me to make concrete proposals.

I intend to spoil you. :o) And this is no biggie by my standards :P And no, I'm not worried about setting the bar too high ;)

I do like fingers. I like a lot of things. But good clean fingers and feet are a must :P Ok, I'm only kidding. Will check out your fingers the next time we meet ;), properly.

I love your voice.

And the mischevious glint in your eyes. Or was it the lights and the glasses? :P

No, I'm not as bratty and spoilt as I may say sometimes. It depends on the context and situation. Most of the time, I act too old for my age.

Your turf isn't too bad. Looks intresting, foodwise :P But gosh, the traffic is ever there.

Didn't tell you about today and the dinner. Remind me please? :o)

I am feeling hungry now.

Yes, no matter what horror stories you told me, I would let you drive this weekend. A promise is a promise.

Have a great week!


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