Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cloudy Sunday

A Java chip frap to perk him up as he went through the weekend business papers. But his mind is still aflutter with uncertainty. Plagued by the unknown more than usual on a cloudy, windy Sunday afternoon.

The calm exterior is still there. Years of practice pretending nothing in the world excites him or fazes him. But turmoil looms and closer it draws him into a spiral of thoughts. Thoughts are the bane of the soul for it pollutes the essence of quick, instinctive reactions. It dulls the courage within.

But a deadly weapon it is when thought converges with the heart and soul. In unison, they act to preserve what is dearest, most important.

As the sun sets today, he holds destiny in his hands. Will he let go of it again?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Is This Really Home?

The older man asked, "Would you leave if he leaves?"
With no hesitation, the younger man answered, "Yes"

"Isn't that unprofessional?"

"Well, it isn't often you find a leader you share professional values with."

He reflected on the conversation as he made his way back to his gleaming office late in the evening.

"I found something I really enjoy doing, and I'll keep doing it until things change."

"Some people can't stand the hours."

"But I went in with my eyes wide open."

He remembers the wonderful warm people he works with. He remembers the trust and support given by him and them.

Yes, things can't really be rosy all the time. But the people makes all the difference. He has grown affection for them. The hurdles and challenges faced together. The dedicated and committed juniors. If he can keep it together and make it better, he would.

Perhaps he has found home. In the most unlikely place. Until of course, when things change.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Crazy Bet? Or Shall I Be Patient?

Do I take this bet, or not? It's a big bet. A whole 350 grand. The project is backed by 'strong people' but I don't like them ie. I don't like hypocrites. Or should I go for a longer play, ie. a 10 year play based on potential of many many years in the making (lots of empty land around, and in KL that's a rarity).

And on the extreme, can Malaysia survive such big bad structural weaknesses in the system?

I might have to turn mercenary.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Are we at the cusp of change?

The news of Obama's being the presumptive Democratic was shown on TV as heated discussion and number crunching on the impact of the latest development in Malaysia underneath the bright lights took place in the middle of the night. Little men on the street interviewed on national TV, bemoaning their fate

Switched off the notebook and what was supposed to be an easy drive home was deviated by long queues for gas. The real rate of interest should be negative pretty soon. The country is already spending more money that it should. Inefficient. Brilliant ideas from those not in power, not.

Today was another day on the same issues. Things are swell personally but somehow it doesn't feel right. I packed my bags early, after a day of trying to be normal.

As I trudged across the city, the fast food drive-thru, usually packed, was almost empty. For how long though, before we forget again?


I read this particularly business weekly every week. I have not subscribed to it to enjoy the hefty discount. I prefer, at this juncture, to try to buy from this roadside stall selling newspaper, set-up in the last one year. That's the least I can do at the moment I guess, to help someone sustain his/her enterprise.

PS: On hindsight, how much does the additional cost in buying from the newstand goes to the retailer?