Saturday, March 14, 2009

The thing is, I think I have become soft, when it comes to this. That I have grown an affection for the people which is beyond normal. Well, normal Resurrected at least. These are real people, with no pretense of grandeur. That we are in this together. How often do you get that?

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Conversations with the sleepyhead teammate

"When are you going to learn to type with more than 2 fingers"
"You are pretty fast for a 2 finger typist"
"My ex-boss is a 2 finger typist and he's smart. I am not saying it's correlated though"

Urgh, I'll so get you for this.

"I think I need to show my face more to the 2 babies. They recognise their mom and the grandparents now but not me. I carry them up to show them my face. After a while, they get uncomfortable because their neck is weak and they feel uncomfortable because they can't support their neck when held like that. I must find a way to win their hearts"

"You know, someone I know whom I thought is warm told someone else I was 'ng kan dan', you know that phrase"
"Yeah it means not simple, but usually meant to be cunning"
"How could she, I like her!"

"I told my friend the other day about how someone said I was cunning. You know what he said? In a prim and proper way, he said, actually when I first met you, I thought you were aloof. Aloof!"
"Well, that's not too bad"
"But it means arrogant! I make bad first impressions! 3 bad comments this month! Which is why I am suprised you thought I was nice"

"Am I cunning?"
"No, I think you are just playful"
"That's the same"
"No, it's not malicious"