Friday, January 12, 2007

Homeward Bound

Waiting at Sky Harbor connecting to LAX and the bound for KL.
Long flight. Yes, someone told me it is another phase of life.

San Diego, San Francisco and New York. Goodbyes and hugs. It's kinda hard to be the last few to sorta have to deal with the farewells more.

Speed shopping in Scottsdale, huge dinner at BobbyQ (baby back ribs, yum!) for some Southwest flavor before leaving, lunch at favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

All packed up. 65 lbs and 68 lbs. No idea how I accumulated so much over 16 months :P
Oh well. I guess I only came here with one luggage and a backapck, which meant I needed to buy things here anyway.

Ah it'll be more than 24 hours before I land in KL. Long long journey...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Knock on the barrel
Hollow sounds emanates
The sea rushes to shore
Inspiration not rushing in

Walk on

The Next Phase

I guess I am not ready for a new phase in my life. I guess I feel there were things I should have done. Oh my, I feel regret for the first time. I wish I had a longer period of time doing certain things. But it is time to move on Resurrected. What's done is done.

"Congratulations!!!! Time to go out there, get the world!"

Monday, January 01, 2007


The year 2007 just started. The year 2006 ended. Human markers. Yet, we use it as a chance for new beginnings. Would I be a better person this year? Will I do the right things?

The Year Ends, Again

I am struggling to string a paragraph or two together. It is amazing how wordy I cannot come up with anything substantial to say. I am sitting at a crossroad, as usual. And it is a waiting game really at the moment for the details to surface and for me to decide on my next course of action.

After 16 months of vacation time as a postgraduate student (yes the past few months have been a major struggle but still managable), I am now staring at my imminent return to the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, the real world as I would like to put it as sometimes. Did everything go as planned? Hell no. Did everything turn out fine? Probably, by normal standards. I guess I won`t get what I want immediately and I should choose what I think would take me there eventually.

Well, I think I feel better now after a bout of stuffed nose for the past few days. Especially after my 3 hours nap after some homemade soup and rice bowl by a nice neighbor (note to self, will change spelling once I am in KL). I will write again if I feel more reflective. Which is unlikely after having a meal in a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

Haha. So much for New Year's Eve. NYC here I come! (next week :P)