Sunday, February 22, 2009

I was at KlCC for dinner and seated next to us was a middle aged obese (but not really big by their standards out there in the Midwest) American guy with a obviously picked up girl in her. Reckon she is from China unless the guy thinks all orientals are Chinese....barely can string a sentence together. But that's not the story of the day as this kinda scene plays out in KL all the time. These are the gems the dude spilled out:

Italian food is the 2nd most favourite food in the US after burgers and fries

Ravioli is just like your noodles, or pasta but in squares with
mushroom flavored stuff in it.

Greeks are people from Greece. They are very warm people

I prefer Pepsi. Coke taste different in different countries

I was in a Greek restaurant and they serve burger and fries. How come they don't have that here

From The Archives

A 'hi' glance and a knowing smile
Distance small but feels like miles
Cup in hand she holds it warm
Distracted he is gadget on palms
Another day begins they both stride
Chasing dreams they both thrive
But really, isn't dream just a glance away?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Notes from a cafe

A 30-something man with a hot drink and a book, waiting for someone.Comfortable sitting on the black couch but no smile.

Attractive young female sitting with leg crossed and a silent gaze out of the window. White top and handbag. Looks like a lovers' tiff as young man sitting across seems quiet and uncomfortable at the silence. No drinks on table. And young man walked to the counter, the girl did not move, did not look.

Young man reading intently on his laptop, actually it's just Friendster and emails, with white earphones and black Nike cap completing the youth uniform.

Two girls sitting with finished fraps still having lots to say to each other. One with ciggie in hand but mostly letting it burn as the chatter continues.

Another 2 couples, both in animated conversations. One couple with a red laptop while the other couple without.

It's a rather quiet evening here. Man with red beret and is that a brown towel waiting for his drink.

Girl in white walked away at last, with no warning. Young man stood up to chase, drink in hand which he just took from the counter.