Sunday, July 17, 2011

Defying Gravity

It's funny how social networking sites show you how friends, past and present are living their lives. We lead such different lives now, friends from the past. Most are with a spouse and/or kids. Even those adamantly gallivanting singles eventually succumb. It's like it is no longer safe, it will get to you sooner or later. There are still those running around with or without a care. There still those partying like it was 10 years ago.

And everytime, without fail, no matter how alone I feel sometimes on this path, I would not trade this with theirs. My life is how I like it at the moment - the possibilities, the hopes, the fulfillment. To defy gravity.

I would not settle for anything less than a skip of my heart to decide.

666 Posts Later

It feels a bit weird not having to take that drive, to put on that mantle to the 21st floor anymore. But as cliched as it may be, it is not the prestige, influence or importance that I miss most. It is the people.

I miss my bright, witty, determined juniors - I miss sharing with them all I know and ought to know. It has been a joy seeing them grow, and discover their strengths, and whether this is for them.

I miss my teammates. The ups and downs we have been through. The honesty and candour. The friendship. And jumping monkeys. I miss my friends.

This ought to be exciting - new challenge, new place. But I am not stoked yet. It hasn't really quite hit home.

It is for the best I hope. In the mean time, 2 weeks of downtime to regroup.