Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Lugging the notebook and a bunch of heavy files back to the office, I was momentarily astonished at the dark, empty office which greeted me when I stepped in. "Oh my goodness, what happened here?". I laughed at myself soon after, at my amusing reaction, thinking something had happened. It was just one of those rare days which everyone decided they needed to leave the office earlier than usual.

On Pressure

The calls kept coming, keeping me on my toes. As I rummaged through a file which I am glad I’ve nicely organized, and which I am almost ‘one’ with as I immersed myself in the facts, ensuing analysis and thoughts, I was being tested again and again. Telephones are always difficult when trying to work through spreadsheets and a lot of information. Especially when the people involved have lightning fast thoughts. By the third conversation with a supposedly intimidating figure, I was smiling at myself, and a chuckle escaped from my mouth. I am glad I can still smile even under pressure and the growing expectations on the supposed expert.

A drive through the city, not knowing where the location was, went smoothly. Just an out of scale rudimentary map as a guide, which I only glanced at. I guess my sense of direction in my home city isn’t too bad. But I do miss Google Map/Yahoo Maps which provides direction from address to address. I hope they map out this area soon.

A new place, new environment for the afternoon. Intense meetings with intense people. The pressure and politics are mounting. I am but only a small supporting corporate soldier, not a warrior yet. But it is all fun and challenging.

Way past dinner time, closer to the end of the day, I made my way home. Easy, breezy drive. Another day. Can’t wait for the next.