Sunday, December 21, 2008

Work-life Balance

If our forefathers and ancestors had believed in this nonsense of work-life balance, we wouldn't exist and most if not all the comforts we have would not have existed.

*generalisation mode*
Seriously, why are the young ones or even peers, so pampered and weak, that they aren't willing to put in their worth into their vocation/work? Friends and relatives who whine about hardwork: “such long hours”, and “oh I am not learning anything” tend to annoy the hell out of me. To generalise, the want the glamour of a swanky corporate office but aren’t willing to be there whenever and whatever and however. Where's the drive?

And to put it in context, the survival of the human race has been dependent on our dogged determination, resilience and endurance, which leads to innovation, creation and empires. That my friend, is the indomitable human spirit.

Jazz and wine ;)

Deliberate and improvised. That's the rhythm he walks the path, meandering as it may be. Just as the rhythm and sway for the night.

First time I see you sway to music. Yes perhaps the wine helped. But maybe it's the rhythm of this life.

Deliberately intricate and complicated and careful. Yet improvised, spontaneous and lived vicariously. Contradiction, this.

Live life deliberately and improvised....perhaps that should replace "stay hungry, stay foolish"....Ambition is overrated. For it blinds.

The strain of Christmas tunes fill the air...and now Close To You. Yet his thoughts wanders amongst the flicker of the Christmas tree.

"Just like me, they long to be close to you. On the day you were born, the angels made a dream come true"

How close, he asks. Are you prepared for the contradictions? Deliberate, improvised.

In a bar, downtown

Is it ever enough? The flicker of scented candle dances to the jazzy tune of the night in a downtown bar. People in candid chatter, loving gazes, soft caresses, banter, laughter, serenity. Moods galore.

Is it ever good? The burning sight of your silouhette. The scent of your presence. Left behind in a blind race of chase and games.