Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Cina Test

1. Likes karaoke
2. Likes steamboat
3. List sushi as favourite food and frequents Sushi King/Genki Sushi/Sakae Sushi/similar chains
4. Makes V sign in photographs
5. Enjoys weirdly flavoured tea
6. Fine dining in chain HK char chan tengs (omg fried spaghetti, cheese baked rice, flavoured drinks in big jars, 'french toast')
7. Enjoys going to cafes with small stage with occasional guitar carrying singer singing sappy Chinese songs
8. Watch sappy long winded Taiwanese/Korean drama

Feel free to suggest more criteria.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Phase 3 after next Wednesday

Sometimes I wonder why I am so indisciplined at the personal level. Did I use up all my energy and focus on work? Let's see, this round of exam was supposed to be my most prepared one. But intentions has remained intentions, and it is now only a few days away (Wednesday).

I need airconditioning. I think I need to at least remove this paltry excuse.

On the same note, I would have to prepare better for the final paper in November. I'll enrol in classes early August. That should at least force me to get in the mood once a week till November. And force me to prepare because it's going to be a case study.

Work-wise, things are chugging along fine and dandy. Am comfortable, which is always a bad sign because it will bring along restlessness. Will be perfectly honest with what I expect this time around, and have typed it out in the form. My ambitions shall no longer be hidden, if it's not obvious already.

On the same note, I hope the numbers are 'round' enough. Will know in less than 2 months.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An Update

Ah one more week. Sometimes I think I am no longer in the right frame of mind of academic stuff. The real thing is so much more interesting, and occasionally exciting. Plus it's real risks we are dealing with.

Been trying to study but pretty unsuccessfully vis-a-vis to what I am suppose to accomplish. The hot weather is giving me a bad headache and somehow I feel thirstier than usual.

Sometimes I wonder why am I plotting an escape while being one of the favoured ones. I guess my feet gets itchy and wants to get away. Yet it's frightening somewhat, this 'desire' to keep moving especially when things are actually moving along fine.

We'll see. We'll see how long the blue-eyed boy can hold-out. He might get well-rewarded if he is patient enough.

Back to work tomorrow! But only for a day.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Frantic pace, and in the midst panic begins to race
Used to it, calmly, only managing the pace
The heart is not in it, but nobody's aware
The plot thickens, in the head and elsewhere
Nothing beats how the heartbeats race
Up a few notches, pain is hardly traced
Clear it all, time it would take
Openings and gambits but is not what I have
In hand there's much at stake
But really the heart has began to wander
and wants to be heard