Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fallen Short

What a whirlwind it has been. Yet, some things remain. The standstill when faced with a difficult choice, and the ensuing loss. The steadfastness of friendship which I hold on to. The whole burden of doing the right thing, and living with the uncomfortable circumstances. The temptation of not doing the right thing, and the trap which ensues. Yesterday, at least, I have been reminded how it is to have a heart that beats. And how easy it is to be cut, when you wear it on your sleeves and when you leave your doors open. Yet, it is a feeling of being alive, of foolish youth, coming back with a vengeance. That familiar pain, which in the experience of age, you know is just fleeting, but remembering how it was more damning when young is quite amusing, such that you can smile while immersing in the feeling of pain. Blessed infinitely. But this is a comfort zone. Again. Time to re-evaluate this trajectory and adjust, and alter. Story of my life.